The Business Consortium for Arts Support does just what its name implies. Through annual grants it helps arts and cultural groups meet the costs of running their organizations.  Communities across the nation have discovered two things: that culture is good for business and that investment in the arts makes sense.  One of the greatest strengths of a vibrant arts community is its ability to attract other business. The South Hampton Roads area in Virginia is proud to have an active and growing cultural community.  The arts in this area reach audiences of more than 1 million people annually.  The Business Consortium for Arts Support has contributed over $20 million in unrestricted operating support to over 45 arts and cultural organizations since its establishment in 1987.  This investment has guaranteed that arts programs continue to inspire our children with hands-on education, keep our theatres, stages and museums filled with extraordinary art and performances, and make our region attractive to business and industry needed to grow and prosper.